Both institutions will teach Health Sciences courses in the Republic of India


The School of Higher Education SAERA signed, on Friday September 25th of 2015, a collaboration agreement with the company Dhwani AURICA PVT LTD. This company, which has a wide implementation in India and in many African countries, is in charge of the manufacture and distribution of both hearing aids and evaluation materials (audiometers) and Audiology rehabilitation. Dhwani AURICA also has a clinic and four hearing centers in the city of Mumbai, where SAERA students may be able to do their clinical internships.

The educational offer that both institutions are going to carry out will include 22 short courses in Audiology. The students who study these courses will obtain a certificate of Audiology Assistant. Also there will be offered three Master’s programmes: in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Therapy, in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy (with two specialties: Low Vision and Vision Therapy) and in Cognitive Neuroscience (with four specialties: Neuro-otology, Neuro-oftalmology, Neuropsychology and Neurolinguistics). All the information will take place online and in English.


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