Comparison of Distance Stereoacuity in corrected Myopic and Hypermetropic children: Master´s Thesis of Sounak Choudhuri, Pediatric Optometrist and student of SAERA (Postgraduate Master in Clinical Optometry and Vision Therapy).

The aim of his study is to measure and compare the distance stereoacuity in corrected myopic and hypermetropic children from 6 to 12 years old in otherwise normal eyes.

Extensive literature exists on normative stereoacuity values for younger children, but there is less information on distance stereoacuity in different refractive errors. The measurement of distance stereoacuity may be useful in assessing strabismic patients who have different deviation for near and distance, especially with intermittent exotropia.

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Duration: 1 year

Modality: Online

Certified by University Isabel I