The School of Higher Education SAERA has signed a collaboration agreement with Saarthy Health Care Clinic, based in Jodhpur, India.  The centre focuses in the rehabilitation and treatment of disabled people with several programmes covering a wide range of disciplines such as: Early Intervention, Psychiatric Consultations, Speech Pathology, Audiology, Physiotherapy, Vocational Training and Occupational Therapy. The agreement for educational cooperation will allow SAERA students to perform their clinical training at this centre.

Both institutions will carry out an educational offering for the year 2017/2018 that will include more than 40 Specialisation Courses in the fields of Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Neuroscience and Optometry. The students who study these Courses will obtain a Postgraduate Diploma issued and certified by the University Isabel I (Spain). Four Master´s programmes will be offered: Clinical Audiology and Hearing TherapyClinical Optometry and Vision TherapyPaediatric Speech and Language Therapy and Applied Neuroscience (with four specialities: Neuro-otology, Neuro-oftalmology, Neuropsychology and Neurological Speech Therapy). All our programmes are online and English-based.


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