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Online Enrollment


1- Check the entry requirements, start dates and fees


2- Follow this link to our online shop.

3- Register in the web indicating your current postal address, full name and email address.

4- Choose your course and how you wish to make the payment. You will be able to purchase the course using your credit/debit card

5- We will contact you back to request the documents required to formalise your enrollment.



Other Payment Methods



1- Check the entry requirements, start dates and fees

2- Download your application form and fill it in

3- Email your application form along with the supporting documents required to information@saera.eu

4- Await our response confirming your elegibility

5- Confirm your place and choose a payment plan

  • Our online programmes have specific entry requirements which you will find on the relevant programme page on this website. In your application you need to demonstrate that you meet these criteria. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt about your qualifications.

For a MASTER and EXPERT CERTIFICATE you must submit: (1) a completed enrollment form, (2) copy of your resume or CV, (3) copy of Diploma or Degree, (4) copy of your passport or national ID,(5) a passport picture, and (6) the payment of the total fee or first installment.

For a DIPLOMA you must submit (1) a completed application form, (2) a copy of your passport or national ID and (3) make the payment for the Course.

Yes. The students will be able to split the payment of the fee in up to 12 installments for the Master and 3 installments for the Expert Certificate. Contact us at information@saera.eu to request more information about our payment plans.


We recognize that not everyone needs a full Master to get value out of these courses. That is why there will be a variety of tracks in addition to the full Master option. Diplomas and Expert Certificates are shorter taught postgraduate courses that include Masters-level content but take less time to complete. They may be more suitable for you if you’re not interested in academic research, because you will not have to write a dissertation.


This can allow you to complete a specific part of a Masters and still come away with a postgraduate qualification, being this option popular with professionals looking to improve their CV or change careers.

Expert Certificates and Diplomas can be beneficial since:


  • – You will obtain a postgraduate qualification without the same financial or time commitments of a full Masters
  • – They will give you specialist knowledge
  • – You can improve your career prospects and increase your earning potential.

It is possible to switch between programmes within the same speciality . Contact us if you wish to get more information.


Our Master and Courses are aimed at professionals who need to update their knowledge or improve their skills while they keep working. For this reason you will not have assigned class times. Instead, your Courses will always be asynchronous, which means you decided when to log in and learn, how often and how many hours. You will have the flexibility to study on your schedule.

You will collaborate with your classmates through discussions and group activities as well as informal chat rooms. You will be in the same way in touch with your teachers in case you have any doubts or need additional information.

Participants of the program receive a password that enables them to access the Virtual Classroom where all the material will be available at the beginning of each Module/Course. Recommended text books, articles and specialized magazines for all courses are also listed in the Virtual Classroom. Many readings are provided in PDF format or through online links.

The assessment will be always conducted online. It can be made up of tutor-marked assignments, usually essay or short-answer questions, clinical cases, etc. and computer-marked assignments which are made up of a series of questions and you choose the answers from a given selection. 

You must submit your assignments on or before the deadline given at the beginning of each module unless you have been granted an extension before the deadline date.


Upon enrollment, the student will be able to choose one of the following three options when issuing your certificate: 


– Diploma issued by SAERA

– Diploma issued by Lucentum Universitas

– Diploma issued by Universidad Isabel I



You can find more information about each of these options by clicking here.

Some countries might not recognise the certificates earned in a foreign country and you can be requested to legalise or apostille your certificate. The apostille stamp on a degree or diploma will prove the authenticity of the document and the signatures on it. The price of this service is 90€.


You can download the Apostille Request Form here


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