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The School of Advanced Education, Research and Accreditation SAERA, was founded in Spain in 2013 in order to meet the education needs in the Optometry and Audiology areas. Since 2014, we have also incorporated advanced education courses in Psychology, SLT (Speech and Language Therapy), and Neuroscience.


Our philosophy is to offer high quality courses tailored for Health Science professionals looking to keep studying with a flexible schedule. 


Our values are:


between our students and teachers


content in our courses


customer service and management

Carlos Domingo Pic
Antonia Angulo
Sonia García Serrano
David Pinero

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The School of Higher Education SAERA uses an innovative online teaching methodology. It allows Health Science professionals to do high quality postgraduate programmes, while working or taking care of family obligations.


Our classes are asynchronous, i.e. it is not necessary to be in the campus on a determined schedule. All the contents of the course will be available at the beginning of the course in a permanent way. Our students will be able to be connected to the virtual classroom when they are available, and it is not necessary to be in a specific time. They will have wide terms to deliver the assessment activities, so that they can study and work at the same time.


Despite the geographical distance, there is a close relationship between our teachers and students. We have a virtual classroom where students can access to the information, participate in discussion forums, and contact the teachers by email in case they have any doubt. We compromise to answer to all the questions raised by our students within 48 hours.