Our Certifications

When registering, students must choose one of the following certification modalities.


The SAERA School of Advanced Education will issue a Certificate at the end of the studies, stating the name of the student, the educational programme carried out, the duration and the date of completion of the studies. The certificate will be issued in digital format without additional costs. In the event that a student needs a hard copy of the Certificate, the corresponding printing and mailing costs must be paid in addition.


The model of the Certificate issued by SAERA is shown below.


Lucentum Universitas is an American institution, based in the city of Miami FL, specialised in academic consulting to Higher Education Schools or Universities anywhere in the world. Among its functions is to check the educational quality provided by Graduate Schools, such as SAERA, and issue reports or Certificates for students, indicating whether international quality standards are met.


In the specific case of the courses taken at SAERA, Lucentum Universitas will evaluate the activity carried out, and if the quality requirements are met, a Certificate in digital format will be issued to the students as shown below (in case of needing the Certificate in paper format, printing and shipping costs will be paid).


University Isabel I of Castilla is a private Spanish university based in the city of Burgos (Spain), which offers different Bachelor and Master degrees, and also issues certifications on the quality of the training provided by SAERA.


Although this is the most expensive option for the student, it is the one we recommend in cases where you wish to obtain some kind of administrative recognition such as accreditation agencies, public bodies, competitive examinations, etc.


The Certificate will be issued in paper format in the event that the activity carried out corresponds to a Master’s Programme or an Expert Course. If the student has passed a one-month course, it will be issued in digital format (unless otherwise specified at the time of registration).


If the student chooses this certification, it will have the following additional cost:

Master: 700€ 
Expert: 240€ 
Diploma: 60€ 


Below is a model of the Certificate issued by this University.

Once you have chosen one of the certification modalities, it will not be possible to change to another option.